Listed below are Navjyot's products and approximate prices for the Boat, Yacht, Ship and Naval aircraft industries. While we are comfortable with a choice of metals like Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Brass and Copper, the product application largely decides the material.

Manufactured to the highest standards of Precision, Quality and Cost, our mirror finish range of fittings have impressed many a customer and choosy end-users. If you deem necessary, you may choose to get a quality inspection done by a third party, at very nominal cost.

Our costs are reasonable. They may vary based on raw material cost and the complexity of your requirement. For specific clarifications, write a mail to We will be glad to answer them.

Product Range
   S.S Racked Bollard
S.S Bollard
S.S. Bollard [fwd]

  Bolted Type Openable Window
Bolted Type Sliding Window
Welded Type Openable Window
Welded Type Fixed Window

   M.S. Roller Fairlead
M.S. Cast Fairlead
S.S Fairlead for 9.2 Mtr Survey Motor Boat
S.S fairlead For 6.0 Mtr Rigid Inflatable Boat
Aluminium Powder Coated Cast Fairlead

  Aluminium Fixed Scuttle Bolted
Openable Type Scuttle
Welded Type Scuttle Without Dead Light
Welded Type Scuttle With Brass Dead Light
Welded Type Scuttle With Aluminium Dead Light
Openable Type Scuttle With Aluminium Dead Light

   Brass Brazing Nipple
Brass hex Nipple
Brass Skin Fitting (diesel suction)
Brass Benjo Bolt Adaptor
Brass Skin Fitting

  Hatch Hinges
Plane Hinges
Step Hinges
Door Hinges

   S.S. cleat for 9.2 Mtr Survey Motor Boat
S.S. cleat for 6.0 Mtr Rigid Inflatable Boat

50kg Davit

4 point lifting hook
2 point lifting hook Assembly

  S. S. Door Toggle

M. S. Door Toggle

S. S. Wheel House Ladder
S. S. Engine Room Ladder
Folding Ladder

   M..S Anchor
C.I Anchors

S.S Sounding with G.M cap
M.S Sounding with G.M cap

Rope Ring
Ladder Hooks
Grape Pin

S.S exhaust tank for D.G set & main engine
S. S. Handrails
Drain plugs

   S.S Pipes
S.S Bends
S.S Elbows

Copper Pipes
'D' Shackles

Brass 'Tee'

Masts (As per customer design)
Light Mast
  Non-Return Valves
SDNR Valves
Fire Hydrant Valves
'Y' Leg Strainer
Globe Valves

Gun Metal

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